Public Service

While we are a “for profit” company, we strongly believe in giving back.  Each year 10% of our profits are given to a selected charity- for 2011 the selected charity is Cynthia Kersey’s Unstoppable Foundation-  HYPERLINK “”  Cynthia has dedicated her life and work to educate children in under developed countries around the world.

We also work to provide information and workshops to those who might not be able to attend due to financial reasons.  We offer scholarships to all of programs for those who are interested and unable to pay.  There is no reason that the lack of money should affect your success.

We are always open to ideas to work with non-profit organizations to provide group coaching for their group.  Whether it might be a Boys and Girls Club, a class of “achievers” at a local school, or a homeless center- Jeff is open to suggestions and willing to provide free services.

“Helping others help themselves” is truly the mission of Success for Life, LLC.

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