Coaching/Consulting References: Jeff Mays- Success for Life, LLC

Steve Copeland, networker, business networking (business partner)
“I had the good fortune to meet Jeff at a business professionals networking meeting, and I was impressed with his knowledge and devotion to things of great importance for most anyone that is open to furthering themselves in their personal and business life. As an invaluable coach, Jeff is personable, professional and genuine. I recommend you get in touch with him right away.” March 6, 2011

Bonnie Stukenholtz-Brown (client)

Bonnie hired you as a Workshop Facilitator in 2011
Top qualities: Personable, On Time, Creative
“I am currently taking a course that Jeff is teaching. I’ve only known him for about a month but he has, in that time, provided me with a plethora of ideas and possibilities that have both focused and motivated me to better myself and my position. His attitude is contagious, his demeanor makes him very easy to approach and open up to, and his knowledge of his craft is in-depth and well-rounded. If you find an opportunity to take one of Jeff’s classes I would highly recommend you do so. It just might change your life.” July 8, 2011


Rea Branch (attendee)
Rea hired you as a Career Coach in 2009
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
“Jeff is an easy person to get to know and really explains things well. Have heard him talk several times and I come away learning something new for business and personal improvement every time.” September 22, 2011


Attila Varga, International Best Selling Author, “Why Not?”, (client)
I am honored to be a reference for Jeff Mays. I have known him for over a year. Initially he was my councilor when I enrolled into Bob Proctor Life Success training programs but over time we became friends. I was very impressed with Jeff’s dedication to understanding the human mind, the human potential and the higher power. Since I have known him he has always acted in the best interest of his clients and friends with the highest ethical standards. He is a great man and I am honored to be his friend.

Attila Varga, Why Not?


Peggy Osborne, Vancouver, WA, LMP (workshop attendee)

I have taken a class from Jeff Mays and found him to be a great presenter. He delivered the subject matter in an informative and fun manner which kept my interest and I learned new skills. Jeff also provided a useful handout and we did some exercises in class which were helpful in understanding the topic and how I can apply it in my life.

Peggy Osborne, 4 Paws Massage


Lowell McMurray, Seattle WA (seminar attendee)

Attending your Goal Setting workshop in Portland was a very enlightening experience for me.  I’ve stayed in touch with other attendees and they report success in attaining their personal goals.  Before the workshop I was intimidating at the thought of writing down my personal goals, but now I’m happy to report that I am achieving the goals I set for myself.  Thank you for presenting the material, it is very empowering.


Steve Armistead. Vancouver, WA (coaching client)

I had the pleasure of working with Jeff Mays in a group setting in Fall and Winter of 2011. As facilitator, Jeff was consistently on time, engaged, prepared, and open to the group. I found him easy to work with and gained much from our discussions. Jeff was also adept at keeping the group discussions on track – I appreciate that.


Maureen Burke-Williams, Vancouver, WA (coaching client)

Jeff’s group coaching is always insightful, gentle and effective in inviting participation, reflection and growth for each person in the group regardless of where they are in their growth path.

Maureen Burke-Williams, Send Out Cards


Theresa Kelly-Sparks, Vancouver, WA (coaching client)

Jeff Mays has been a wonderful mentor, leader, coach and proud to say friend. I met Jeff about 3 years ago through networking and community events. He does the most and best in whatever he sets forward as a goal, through to success. Through group or individual meetings, Jeff can facilitate any topic set in front of him and have a glowing review by all participating.

Thank you for asking me to respond ~ Theresa Ann  503.310.3377  TheresaAnn@YourWellnessFriend.com Your Wellness Friend


Susie Slanina, Vancouver, WA (coaching client)

I have known Jeff since 2009 and have taken three mastermind classes with him. He is professional, courteous, prompt, and shares his wealth of information on the subject in a friendly, self-effacing manner.

As a new children’s author and business owner, the classes I’ve taken with Jeff have been invaluable in giving me the courage and inspiration to keep going after my dream, no matter what obstacles stand in my way. Thank-you, Jeff for helping me jump over the “terror-barrier!”

His students have taken his classes over and over because we learn so much! He listens to his students carefully, and his incisive mind is able to look at a problem or concern and come to an intelligent conclusion with ease and grace.

I’ve seen him do it many times, and marvel that he is also able to control the class so we do not get off-topic.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about Jeff Mays.

Susie Slanina
Founder | Metro The Little Dog
360-852-8871 | LittleMetro@gmail.com


Jodi Tripp, Graphic Designer/Photographer, Vancouver, WA (mastermind member)

I have worked with Jeff on several occasions.  He is always a  pleasure to work with.  He is dependable, knowledgeable and committed to success for himself, and for his clients.  I know that a course with Jeff, with bring me closer to my goals!

Jodi Tripp


Dr. Roger Barnick, DC, Vancouver, WA (mastermind member)

I worked with Coach Mays in the Fall of 2011 with a small mastermind group.  The growth of my young chiropractic practice had plateaued and I was frustrated.  While working with him my practice grew 22%.  At this time (8 months later) my practice is up roughly 65%.  My frustration and anxiety concerning my professional success is much reduced as well.  On top of that, it was a GREAT time.
Roger Barnick, DC
Chiropractor in Vancouver, WA


Karen Rollins, Vancouver, WA (mastermind member)

I enrolled in Jeff’s MasterMind group for the first time about 3 years ago, and I was so impressed that I continued to attend the groups that he started after that! He’s a great coach and leader and he inspired me to do even more followup reading and personal development. His vast knowledge and quiet demeanor are both very refreshing! Thank you Jeff for all you’ve done for me.

Karen Rollins – www.MyLittleBlackDress.org


Janet Richardson, Insurance Agency Owner, Vancouver, WA (mastermind member)

I wanted to thank you for inviting my assistant and I to one of your Mastermind Groups.  Last year we completed an 11 week book review on “You Were Born Rich”.  It is always helpful to get and stay focused on positive thoughts, that’s what your sessions did for us.  We met with you and several other “Like Minded” individuals and discussed each chapter.  We shared our experiences and encouraged others.  After the first couple of weeks we began discussing the chapters ahead of time.  About half way through the session we noticed a shift in our thinking – we began to speak positive affirmations and expect positive things to happen in our business.  If one of us said something negative, the other person would change our thinking to positive.  When I started your Mastermind group in July my production numbers were average.  By the end of the year I had soared to the top of the Agency and qualified for All American.

I have tried several times to complete a book review with my office staff, however, business seems to get in the way.  I am looking forward to attending another Mastermind Group of yours soon.

Thanks so much for your positive attitude and consistent approach.

Janet Richardson
Country Financial